Danna D. Schmidt

Master Life-Cycle Celebrant®

Ordained Wedding Officiant

Funerals/Memorials Specialist

Praise & Gratitude

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Danna is a gifted and inspiring writer, storyteller and ritual artist. She collaborates with you to create personally meaningful, innovative rituals that speak deeply to your soul. She approaches her work with caring and passion, and a sincere desire to listen and give voice to whatever unique stories of the people she is honoring, remembering, and celebrating.
I highly recommend her.”


Thank you so much for assisting me and my family at the time of my daughter’s death. The sensitivity and compassion you showed to our family and friends shall never be forgotten. We received so many compliments regarding the service. Your kindness, integrity, calm demeanor, thoughtfulness and easy manner were a relief to us all and helped make her Celebration of Life peaceful and smooth. Weaving the bird theme throughout the ceremony in honor of her nickname was beautiful and inspiring, as was your suggestion to hand out birdseed packets for people to scatter after the service or treasure as commemorative keepsakes. It’s apparent that this profession is not simply a job for you but a calling.”


Danna crafted a ceremony to mark the opening of my art studio and classroom. Creating a ceremony to “officially” open the space was important to me. Danna interviewed me to help me get clear about my intention for the event ~ I was impressed from the start. Without her astute questions and gentle nudging I don’t believe it would have been so powerful for me and for everyone who attended.  She asked me to collect some items from nature that were on my property and then created a beautiful “nesting” ritual that everyone participated in. Danna composed the perfect blessing to read ~ written just for me. I loved her desire to collaborate and to make sure that what we did fit with who I am: I would never have come up with all the personalized elements on my own.  We co-created something magical and my art space now feels open and welcoming.”


WOW! I am so grateful, Danna. This is really beautiful work. You get IT. You get Us!”


When your life brings you to a moment that you hope to “trap in amber” as Vonnegut says, something so precious that you want it to hold still in your mind so you can see it again, feel it again, sense it from years’ distance, you will want someone with Danna Schmidt’s gifts and talents to help you create that moment. I was the celebrated one at an event for which she was celebrant: the marking of the completion of my first novel. She titled the event a “Book Mitzvah” and followed the theme along, honoring and validating paths and streams in including food, music, poetry, performance, deep connection and celebration. Simply as a crafter of capsules of words to hold the power of the moment, Danna’s gifts can carry any day into the extraordinary, but she never, ever stops there—she attends to all the senses and engages complex emotions. A client of Waypoint will be amply and deeply guided to a moment to hold on to and learn from for a lifetime.”


 The ceremonies you have crafted for me/us have brought such richness to our lives and created wonderful memories for us. I greatly appreciate the symbols as they daily remind me of our rites, and continue to create sacred space within our home. The house blessing skeleton key hangs on a beautiful ribbon on the inside of our front door and I smile every time I open and close the door remembering the monumental and cumulative life event my move to Seattle was, and how you wove “my story” so eloquently into my ceremony with your great wordsmithing talent. Waking up in my house the next day, I had a feeling that it truly was my house. I was starting fresh and all who lived in the house before blessed me and wished me well. And the special ritual you crafted for our first anniversary recommitment is one we intend to repeat every year on our anniversary! The items we shared with each other will be on our altar and the readings you selected were perfect – we plan to frame one of them for our home. Thank you so much, Danna. We are so grateful and can’t wait to see what you create for our office blessing.”
Michele and Denny


Danna – when I asked you to design a life-transitional ritual for me, I wasn’t fully aware what I was asking of you. What emerged was genius. Your ability to sense exactly what I was wanting and then to craft such a meaningful experience for me, continues to take my breath away. From beginning to end, every detail was carried out flawlessly. Thank you for creating one of the most remarkable, transformative moments of my life.”


Danna went above and beyond her job description and was exceptionally creative, understanding, and patient, and crafted our ceremony to be so perfectly representative of who we are. She was open to collaborating with me and incorporating my suggestions, since I admittedly have a hard time fully letting go of control. I can’t thank her enough for everything. She is such a good and kind person, an extremely talented wordsmith, and so thoughtful. She made our wedding ceremony and our tree planting ritual, so special with her beautiful talent for storytelling. I honestly can’t express how grateful I am for everything that Danna did for us. I highly recommend Danna/Waypoint Ceremonies to anyone and everyone needing a celebrant. During the process of writing our ceremony, Danna was professional but did not treat us like customers in her business, she treated us like close friends. I know that we will be in touch with Danna with updates on our family, and seek out her celebrant services again when it comes time to renew our vows, and to plant trees for our kids when they join our family.”


A Big thank you for all that you’ve done. The ceremony, in its entirety was VERY, VERY, VERY well received. Nobuko and I were so surprised when Alfred acted out the mime. We loved it, and the audience loved it, too. People said it’s not like any other ceremony they’ve seen. And on top of that, they said it’s the best ceremony they’ve seen. Thanks again for everything. A wedding ceremony that nobody will forget is exactly what we wanted.”


With the sudden loss of my brother, our family was faced with finding the right person to lead us through the best memorial for him. We were lucky enough to connect with Danna. This process is never easy and most people, I believe, are not sure where to start and what to do. All we had were the ideas of what we knew would be important to our family, but not sure how to make them all happen cohesively. Danna spent several evenings with us, guiding us through the process and offering an outline of what the service could look like. She also took a genuine interest in who he was during his time on earth and what his energy was about. This was extremely important to our family. The memorial service itself was exactly what we had hoped. Our beliefs were respected, last minute requests were honored and welcomed, down to Danna even supplying a vessel for the sage we cleansed with. We were provided with a very well organized copy of the service, that we were able to reference when needed during eulogies. They also served as cherished keepsakes. She honored my brother and his life beautifully. We were very thankful for her kindness, compassion, and professionalism during this painful time.”


Danna provided an amazing celebration of my mom’s life as a celebrant. She was very responsive to me and our family regarding getting the service just right. She captured my mom’s essence as completely as possible without knowing her. It made a difficult time a bit easier and definitely left me with fond memories of taking my mom “home”. I would absolutely recommend her for any occasion as she was excellent and professional to work with.”


Danna is always thorough throughout the planning process. She is never “cookie-cutter” but instead wants to discover who your loved one was and how your loved one impacted you and your family. My memorial was for my mother – a year after her death. Whether you are fortunate enough to have the foresight to engage Danna for your loved one’s interment (funeral) services or would like to commemorate your loved one at a later date (ours was in Costa Rica), you should do your due diligence and seek out Danna’s services. I will never be able to say “good-bye” to my mother, but I was able to celebrate her with my family in a way befitting the person who impacted me most in my life.”


When we moved back into our home, Danna did a house blessing with our family. She did a detailed discovery of our goals and the home, and provided us a lovely ceremony outline as well as a detailed list of items we needed for the ceremony. The ceremony was tailored, lovely and inclusive of our daughters and pets. Each family member was part of the ceremony and it really helped clear the old energy and help us settle in.”


 Thank you so much for the beautiful work and attention you’ve paid to our ceremony! You are amazing! And thank you for cueing us with next steps in so much detail without diminishing focus and quality on your work. You are a godsend to us!” 
AnVi & Loc


I want to express how deeply felt and meaningful the healing ceremony was that you custom-crafted for me. It was unbelievably cathartic. From putting together my altar, to your beautiful words, to the amazing poetry and music, to the rituals of release, the whole experience felt magical and like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It may be one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. You are a gifted healer and I hope many, many others can experience your offerings. Thank you!”


I am still smiling – sending out radiant energy in awe of the self-transformation that took place with the Healing and Release ceremony Danna was instrumental in helping me to create. She acted as both Facilitator/Officiant/Celebrant as well as Production Manager for this long-distance ritual. I created an altar for myself with symbols that held great meaning associated with this most powerful ceremony.  On the other end, Danna also constructed an altar on my behalf. She provided music, poetry and other elements having to do with self-love and forgiveness. She held “sacred space” for me, ensuring that I felt safe and comfortable in showing my vulnerability with such rawness in the powerful work we did together. Her calming presence was so soothing. I felt gently guided through what I would describe as a “metamorphosis”. I feel like a new woman – light and free! There is a richer and deeper tone to my laughter now.”


“Reading our ceremony draft for the first time was amazing…thanks so much for making our stories come to life! You absolutely nailed the vibe we were looking for with our ceremony. Lighthearted and sweet! You are truly talented!” (Daniela) “I was simply blown away. I admit I wasn’t totally motivated to fill out the questionnaire with all the other things I had going on. You managed to turn nothing ~ from the short answers I had given you ~ into something! You’re an amazing writer.” (Ryan)
Daniela & Ryan



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