Danna D. Schmidt

Master Life-Cycle Celebrant®

Ordained Wedding Officiant

Funerals/Memorials Specialist


outdoor circle 

From sacred birth to fertile earth, and since time immemorial, ceremony has helped us to:

give pause.

embrace what is.

celebrate a milestone.

chronicle a moment.

turn a corner.

cross a threshold.

honor what was.

close a door.

invite what will be.

When immersed in the moment, be it large or small, it’s natural to imagine we will recall the intimate details each event bestows us, but as time passes, these details, if left unmarked, lose significance and fade from memory. We counter this attrition through ceremony. By illuminating what’s salient through ritual, your moments become captured for posterity.

With a listening ear, a prosaic pen, an open heart and an exceptional eye for detail, I help you sanctify your moment in such a way that it becomes a living memoir and legacy moment you will forever cherish. No matter if this lifespan moment celebrates your Beloved Beginnings, honors your Milestones & Thresholds, or speaks to your End of Life concerns, you can be assured it will be best witnessed with ceremony. Ceremonial waypoints include:

Baby Namings
Career Achievements & Transitions
Celebrations of Life
Coming of Age
Commitment Ceremonies
Community Events
End of Life Services
Family Unity Rituals
Gender Transitions
Graveside Committals
Green Burials
Home Funerals
Living Tributes
Midlife Transitions
Milestone Events
Scattering of Ashes
Vow Renewals

A Synergistic Blend.

Our time together is collaborative. I ask questions aimed at helping us capture the story of this moment. Because your celebration is more than simply story though, I focus on uniting the perfect blend of elements, from words of wisdom and inspiration, to décor and music, to rituals, theming and flow that meld in synchronic fashion.

Want to know something rather divine about this process? The final ceremonial transcript always emerges as nothing short of living, breathing artistry ~ encapsulating your most authentic and as yet unsung narrative. This is the magic of ceremony.

Conscious living demands of us a payment called attention and an invitation to live a more intentional and heartfelt journey. The moral message to its summons?

Live awakened.

Honor your waypoints.

Cherish the gifts.

Hold space for sorrow.

Celebrate the joy.

Say it RITE.


Not sure what feels RITE for you? Contact me and I’ll help you answer that.


 It never makes sense to wait until your life is in a state of grace to celebrate its joys and passages.
Never hesitate to celebrate.”
Robert Fulghum, From Beginning to End: The Rituals of Our Lives

Say it RITE…the Ceremonious Way!